Today every one of our cities is a hero city

Today every one of our cities is a hero city

The words come from the FEU CEO, Ruslan Illichov, when he delivered a very strong video greeting to #SMVdagen2022 in Industriens Hus, Copenhagen.

Ruslan Illichov told how we are trying to support Ukrainian companies in this situation. More than half of Ukrainian companies are still active even during the war, and they continue to pay wages and half of them also pay in advance.

"Dear Danish friends and allies!

There is war in Ukraine. The war for the freedom of our country and of the whole world.

Two weeks of courage and pride for our people and Ukrainian army.

Today each of our cities is a hero city.

Ukrainian business stands side by side with the people, our army, government, country/

We fight the enemy who came to our land.

More than half of Ukrainian businesses operate even during the war,

They continue to pay salaries in full, and half of them also make advance payments.

Employers support the army and territorial defense:

  • supply products, services, medicines, means of protection and defense
  • help local people
  • keep the work of industry and save jobs.

We provide transportation, communication, heat, water, light, products.

Many companies have refocused on the needs of the military and urban defense.

We thank all our friends for their support and help.

Denmark and DI are long-standing and reliable partners of Ukraine and the FEU.

What other help would we be very grateful for now?

Of course, this is

  • humanitarian aid to our people and army,
  • help in creation of green corridors by the occupiers,
  • aid to refugees.

But not less important today is assistance in the organization of production, technologies, equipment for producing what is needed by the army.

We believe that democratic world is with Ukraine.

Today, it is very important to support and accelerate our country's membership in the EU.

Ukraine has won this right and confirmed its commitment to democracy with blood.

Economic sanctions against Russia must continue, as well as its isolation from all the civilized world community.

But the most important thing now is the protection of the Ukrainian from enemy air and missile attacks.

We need modern air defense and aircraft.

The sky over Ukraine must be closed.

We will win, we will return all our lands and our people, many of whom were had leave the country now.

Glory to Ukraine! Glory to heroes!"

Watch the full speech here